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The Locker

Circle A. "For Amateur Use Only" by Chicago Golf Apparel
One Time Releases. Public Quantities. Notarized Certificates of Authenticity. Never manufactured again. 

Circle A Locker

#1 Trippin' Tim. Locker # TT08092022180

Release Date: 08.09.2022

180 total units: 60 driver, 60 blade, & 60 mallet


Trippin' Timmy is long off the tee and that long ball confidence is also present whether on or off the golf course. Tim’s greatest weakness is going out the night before an early tee time.

 #2 Hippie Splash. Locker # HS08292022180

Release Date: 08.29.2022

180 total units: 60 driver, 60 blade, & 60 mallet


Hippie Splash is an electric mix of colors and free-spirited blend of patterns. The front features our Circle A van that says "Far Out" and there is a fun font we chose "For Amateur Use Only" on this one. 

 #3 Frankie. Locker # FT09072022180

Release Date: 09.21.2022

360 total units: 120 driver, 120 blade, & 120 mallet


Frankie was made for youth golfers. Every part of this headcover that is not orange is completely embroidered. The orange leather is also a new texture that has more weight, density, and texture than previous models. 

 #4 TBA