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$10K Cash Scramble

CG Scramble x Fyre Lake

Fyre Lake Golf Club and our Scramble Tour have teamed up to create the first ever $10K scramble. The 1st Annual Event will be held this year on July 16th at Fyre Lake GC. Fyre Lake opened up in 2011 and had a few owners, none of which could figure out the right formula for a Nicklaus Design golf course with its unique location in Sherrard, IL. In 2019/2020 Mark Krizic acquired Fyre and has been under his management for 2+ years now. Since Mark has taken over, Fyre is creating a whole new buzz in the Quad Cities area with his entire focus on bringing back the course to "country club" shape. He has grown out the fescue making it look the way it was originally intended, killing all the weeds and clovers in the fairways, redoing each bunker one at a time, cutting out unnecessary trees and shrubs to give a better view of the course especially from the back patio over looking the front nine, and most importantly getting the greens to roll true, smooth and FAST! 

Mark Krizic was most known for being the HP at Ridge Country Club in Chicago for more than 15 years. There was a reason Mark lasted that long in such a high position at a private club and his dream to bring back Fyre is no longer a dream. It's happening and things are in motion. We are excited to see how far he has come since it was first purchased a couple years ago by Mark and Alyssa Krizic. 

For more information on the $10K scramble please visit CGScramble.com